Orange Bishop-Orange Weaver


Orange Bishop – Orange Weaver

Other names

Red Bishop, Grenadier Weaver, Grenadier Bishop, Orange Bishop, Orange Bishop Weaver, Orange Weaver, Crimson Grenadier, Scarlet Grenadier.

Origin: Africa

Physical descriptions;

Males look orange black when in breeding mode. female are duller with no color.

Diet: Commercial finch mix ,spray  Millet, Egg Food, Mineral block, canary seed, fruits and veggies. Apples, celery, romaine lettuce), live food, sprouted seeds

Sexing: Hens are duller overall and some races have a line of grey feathers extending across the lower throat, resembling a grey necklace. Only the (adult) cock sings, though hen may not sing year-round.


Additional information

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