Where are you Located?

we are located in Los Angeles CA

Where do you Ship from?

We ship from LAX Airport.

How do you ship your birds?

We ship either by Airplane to your nearest airport or we ship USPS Priority Express.

Airplain from airport to airport it takes just hours for your bird to arrive.

USPS Priority Express Next Day it can take one day or up to 2 days for your bird to arrive either to your address or to your nearest USPS Facility.

Do you offer a guarantee?

yes we guarantee live arrival and 72 hours to take bird to a vet for find if any life threatening with bird.

we will either reinbource your money or replace bird. Buyer is responsible for all shipping.

Are all your birds friendly?

NO, we have handfed birds that are easy to hand trained because they were pulled from nest as baby to be handfed. birds that have in title ‘HANDFED”

Birds that only have title of bird species are birds raised by parents that can be hand trained but will require more work with them.