Green Singing Finch (Yellow-fronted Canary)



Green Singing Finch (Yellow-fronted Canary)

Other names

Green Canary, Green Singing Finch, Yellow-fronted Canary, Yellow-eyed Canary, Yellow-fronted canary

Origin: Africa

Physical descriptions

Grey head with two bright yellow streaks: one above the eyes (“eyebrow streak”) and one below the eyes. Bright yellow plumage covers the entire underside of the bird, extending from the chin down to the under tail. The rump is also yellow. The top of the neck, back, and wings are a greenish grey with yellow margins to the otherwise blackish wing and tail feathers. Juveniles have a pale yellow face and breast with dull greenish-yellow rump and spots/streaks on the sides of the breast.

Diet: Commercial finch mix ,spray  Millet, Egg Food, Mineral block, canary seed, fruits and veggies. Apples, celery, romaine lettuce), live food, sprouted seeds

Sexing: Hens are duller overall and some races have a line of grey feathers extending across the lower throat, resembling a grey necklace. Only the (adult) cock sings, though hen may not sing year-round.


Additional information

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