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Description: Pied mutation can vary from bird to bird. Some birds might show more coloration than others.

Lifespan: 10 – 15 years

Diet:  Love birds seed mix as their basic diet and Commercial Pellets . we use commercial mix; cockatiel mix will work just fine. also small hook bill will suite their needs but if you can mix both together will be better. also we feed them fresh fruits such us apples,pears, mango added some kale and celery. we add some spirulina to the mix. clean their water in a daily basis, specially in summer as bacteria can grow in warm and hot temperatures.


BREEDING: Breeding love birds is relatively easy. you need to have a true pair. when i said a true pair i mean male and female. to determine the sex; there is different methods: sex can be determined by the distance between the pelvis bones which in males  pelvic bones are closer and in females the space between pelvic bones is wider. to use this method you need to have a little experience.

the other method is by DNA testing; you just need to collect some blood drops or feather samples and send it to any avian lab. once you have a true pair and they are ready to breed set them up in a small cage, add a nesting box. add bedding material such us mulch or grasses and let nature take place. don’t forget to add calcium blocks or cattle fish bone for the female to gain calcium as laying eggs will get her calcium. female will laid eggs every other day with a total of 5-6 eggs. she  will seat after she lays her third egg; from there it will take 23 days for the babies to hatch.

As popular as they are cute, peach-faced lovebirds owe their “animal magnetism” as much to their clown-like personalities and stunning plumage as to their tendency to breed like bunnies. They are wonderful pets, in pairs or as a single bird, brightening any home with pleasant chattering and entertaining antics. The peach-faced lovebird is approximately 6 inches long, and comes in an artist’s palate array of colors. The nominate, or “normal” bird, is green with a shiny blue rump and rosy-peach face-hence the name.

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