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Scientific Name: Neopsephotus bourkii, formerly known as Neophema bourki Origin: Australia Lifespan: up to 25 Years. in captivity Clutch Size: 3-6 white eggs; but average 4 eggs Incubation: 23 days from the date the female stay the whole time in the  nest, usually this happens after she lays her third egg; from that time i count 23 days Talking Ability: NONE FEEDING: Bourke parakeets are grass eaters, in the wild they forage on the ground for grasses and seeds. In captivity we feed them parakeet mix, i add extra canary seed, nigger seed, help seed, oil sun flower and grip to the mix. Any fruit and vegetable that comes available. i feed my birds, apples, celery, kale, romaine lettuce, egg food and plenty hemp seed when cold weather or breeding season. BREEDING: Bourkes parakeets are relatively easy breeders. once they decide to breed they don’t mind nesting is a parakeet nesting box or even a finch box. they are not picky about nesting boxes. i personally use English nesting box for easy inspection. Bourkes are not jealous to be check when they have chicks, i can peak at their babies with the female not even moving from the nest. Breeding season for the Bourkes parakeet tends to occur in spring time here in California. I have some pair that will breed year around.


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